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Moving Back To My Home Away From Home


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Hey everyone! It is hard to believe that school is about to start back. It seriously feels like I was just packing up my room to leave for summer, and now we are already unloading it all again! Last year was filled with a lot of tough moments, so I am excited for this new season of life and to start my senior year of college! Though I still can’t grasp the fact that I’ve been attending the University of Florida for three years now, I am excited to continue on my journey!

On Sunday afternoon I finished my last minute packing as we filled up the cars and got ready to drive to Gainesville. I am blessed that I live so close to home, and I still get to see my family once a week or so! After some tearful goodbyes (mostly to my pets) we drove off! I’ve been blessed to have lived in a scholarship house for the past two years, and I am back again this year! There are twenty-four girls who live here, and we really do become a big family! Included in the scholarship is free use of the washer/dryer, a pantry full of food, and use of the television/wifi. We are mostly two to a bedroom and six to a bathroom. For less than $1,000 a semester, I couldn’t ask for a better place to live! If you are interested in rent-free housing and plan on attending a college in Florida, click here to go to their website!

That being said, I was able to move back into the room that I lived in last year, which is such a blessing! My room is pretty large, and there is plenty of room for everything you can want or need! After calling my new roomie Rachel, who I was friends with last year at the house but haven’t roomed with before, we decided to rearrange a little bit and try out a new layout! The new arrangement feels like we have a bit more of our own space, and it flows very nicely. After a much needed reunion with Tiffany, my roommate of two years who is our House Manager this year and has a room to herself, my mom and I set of to do what we do best…decorate! I believe it turned out perfectly, and I am loving the setup so far! Rachel’s side is still to be decorated since she doesn’t move in until later in the week, and we left another wall blank so we can both hang up our Harry Potter decor! I know, I know…I’m one of those 🙂

We then made a few trips to Walmart and Target to get the rest of the essentials that I needed, and then of course a stop at my favorite ice cream place, D’lites! If you’re ever in Gainesville, you should certainly give it a try! After enjoying our dessert, we finished setting up the last few things in my room before my mom had to hit the road. It is always hard saying goodbye, even if you know you will see each other again soon! At least I still had a lot of work to keep me busy!

Since Tiffany is the HM at Tyner (the scholarship house I live in), she had a lot of prep work to do before the new girls moved in on Tuesday. I decided to come back early and help her get some work done so she wasn’t too overwhelmed, and we had a ton of fun! We helped put together little gifts for all of the girls: a cup with either their initial or a cute saying, some pencils, and some candy! We then had to decorate the labeling system for our laundry room that we use to know who’s clothes are in the washer/dryer. After that we labeled everyone’s shelves in the pantry, and put names on the mailboxes. Though it was a late night, we had a blast getting to catch up and laugh together!

This morning I began running some errands around town and grabbing some last minute essentials for my room that I had forgotten the night before. I got to have lunch with a sweet friend of mine at Maple Street Biscuit Company, and let me tell you, that place is divine. Every sandwich on their menu is served on a biscuit. Yes, you read that correctly. Though not the best place to go for your diet, it is delicious and it was even better to catch up with my friend Chelsea!

Once I got home, I finished putting together the birthday calendar that my mom and I had been working on! We used these adorable pieces of scrapbooking paper to create name tags for all of the doors a few weeks ago, and when we realized that we had enough left over, we decided to make a cute way to display all of the birthdays in the house!  We laminated them, then attached them with ribbon to a dowel, and there you go!


My DIY’s of the day didn’t stop there, as I went full on Pinterest to plant my succulent in the most adorable geometric vase! I came across it a few weeks ago at Belk on an amazing sale, so I was very excited today to have finally filled it with the perfect plant! I even bought a second succulent to go on my desk, just to complete the look!

This afternoon we finished cleaning up the common areas before the majority of the new residents move in tomorrow morning, and then got to drive around showing one of the new girls, Julianna, how to get everywhere around town! Though we definitely stayed out later than planned, it was so much fun getting to tour our little city and make a new friend!

That being said, I could not have asked for a better first few days back at college. I am looking forward to the rest of this week as everyone moves back in, and then next Monday the real work begins…classes!


10 thoughts on “Moving Back To My Home Away From Home

  1. Ahh!! I love this post!! ❤ Reading this brings me back so many wonderful memories living at Tyner! I miss you and everyone! Oh! And Tiffany is the HM!?!? Yay! So proud of her!!! And I'm so jealous you got to see Chelsea too!! 😭

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